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OUR STORY is a bedding, bath and home decor store. We are a small business with locations in Plymouth, MI and Toronto, ON. Being a small business is exactly where our strength lies — because it makes us work harder and take that extra step to ensure, that we offer you best value for your buck and focus towards serving and growing our loyal customers. While you are here, please browse through our products and be sure to check out our rewards program.


To save money, I proposed to the landlord, if she’d accept similar bed sheets in exchange for the damaged ones, instead of money? She said yes and that kicked off my search. After visiting few stores with my friends, I realized, none of us knew much about bed sheets. What was more confusing was the fact that every bedding store had tons of simple sheets, yet their price would range from $50 to $300, without any apparent difference in quality. We had no clue, as to why there was such a huge price gap? Needless to say, I bought the sheets for $95. They looked great but I never forgot how frustrating and confusing was the whole shopping process. This made me wonder, there has to be a better and inexpensive way to shop. And so it was – was born.

Search was founded in 2011 with the goal of educating shoppers and saving their time and money. At HomeApparel, we believe that no one should have to go around from one store to another and get completely different prices, merely based on the print or size of a bed-sheet or a duvet cover. At, users can easily go through our “Product Guides”, and find out what bedding item would fit their need for the price, that fits their wallet. Hope you enjoy using the website, and please let us know if there is anything we can do to make the process easier.


Back in the 2007, I was attending college in Vancouver, BC. During my stay, I was renting a furnished room, in a beautiful house. Where I had a small but unforgettable accident – I spilled coffee on my bed. Not knowing it’d be such a big deal, I covered it with a comforter. Few days later, landlord discovered the spill which had turned into a stain. She told me to cough up $300 for new sheets. Being a student I barely made enough money to get by, let alone pay $300 for the replacement bed sheets.