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Duvet Guide

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Duvet covers, also known as comforter covers are one of the most common bedding items in a household. They not only add color, pattern, and interest to the room, but also keep your duvet (or comforter) clean and warm. 

Duvet cover is to a comforter, what a pillow case is to a pillow. Which means, if you have purchased a nice and comfortable pillow, that also happens to be your favorite – you would want to use it, long as you can and for that you normally cover it with a pillow case to keep it clean and fresh for a good night sleep. Now that said, if you have invested in an expensive duvet, you might want to keep it clean, warm and stylish with an elegant, breathable linen duvet cover or a light weight floral duvet cover, which gives you the option to change the look of your room however your mood strikes

Duvet Cover Sizes

Once you have decided that you are going to buy a duvet cover, you would need to find the size that is a perfect fit for your duvet.  Now keep in mind that some manufacturers cut corners by lumping together a mix of sizes such as “Full/Queen” or “King”. Our duvet covers are made specifically for each size bed and will be marked with the finished size. At Home Apparel, we offer all kind of sizes, from California king size duvet cover to regular twin size duvet cover and some of our patterns are also available in twin XL duvet covers. Once you have decided the size that fits your need. you will have to look for the fabric type, its quality and pattern of the duvet cover. 

Duvet Cover’s Fabric, quality and pattern

At Home Apparel, we mostly offer cotton products, mainly because they are the most popular, comfortable and relatively soft fabric. If you are buying a cotton duvet cover, you will have to check for the ‘thread count’. Thread count refers to the number of threads per inch used to weave the fabric covering of a duvet. More expensive fabrics have a higher thread count (over 250) while cheaper duvet covers have a low thread count (in the 100’s or low 200’s). Higher thread counts mean that the fabric will be softer, more luxurious to the touch, and will often last longer. Once you have the quality in line, then you can move onto the pattern. Patterns are very subjective to the buyer’s mood and to the season. Typically duvet covers come in floral, stripes, funky and solid color patterns.