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Featherbed Buying and Care Guide

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Featherbed is a very common bedding item in a household. They add color, pattern, and interest to the room, as well as provide a layer of insulating warmth. 


Here are some details on featherbed.        

Featherbeds are designed to fit over a mattress as a topper, and to provide additional comfort and temperature control. As their name indicates, the fill is generally feathers, which offers the ultimate in softness. They are constructed similarly to duvets, so look for a baffled or box stitch construction to avoid feather buildup in the corners of your featherbed.

Care Guide: 
In terms of care, the best way to prolong the life of your featherbed is to cover it with a mattress cover. Spot cleaning is recommended, as is airing it out in the sun from time to time. Be sure not to “beat” the featherbed, as this can lead to feather leakage. Treat it gently and it should provide up to 10 years of comfort.